Barry Woods studied creative writing with the Writers Bureau and settled on free verse poetry after that. He was tutored by award winning poet Alison Chisholm, who guided him into publication in 2002.

He moved on to explore performance with the Wirral Ode Show and the Dead Good Poets Society, Liverpool. He has worked with John Gorman as part of the Wirral Alliance of Poets.

He's had work published by Collins Books, Liverpool John Moores University, Weyfarers, Poetry Monthly, Iota; and has been shortlisted/commended in poetry competitions.

Barry grew up on a tough locality in the north of England during the 1970s/80s at a time of high unemployment and social decline.

He lives and works on the Wirral, and performs occasionally at local spoken word events.







The Quality of Mersey anthology which I had the pleasure of editing

Poetry Medal of Honour awarded to me by John Gorman for my work on The Quality of Mersey project 2018/19

Published Work


* Night Creepers (Collins Books 2002)

* Boy Racer (Weyfarers 2002)

* Ancients of Mars (Wayfarers 2003)

* Heath (Poetry Monthly 2007)

* The Loft (Poetry Monthly 2007)

* Scrapbook (Poetry Monthly 2007)

* Estate  (Poetry Monthly 2007)

* Tree Conference (Poetry Monthly 2008)

* New Liverpool (Poetry Monthly 2008)

* Sea Lord (Poetry Monthly 2008)

* Automatic Man (Poetry Monthly 2010)

* Toy Train (Commended for the Poems Please Me Prize 2015), also (In the Red 10, LJMU)


* Fighting Fantasies  (Shortlisted for the Poems Please Me Prize 2015)

* Life Companion ( Under the Fable 2015)

* Video Nasty (Under the Fable 2015)

* Crib Goch (In the Red 11 / 2012)

* Flesh Metal (In the Red 11 / 2012)

* Trawler  (Under the Fable 2016)

* Slow Death in Winter (Under the Fable 2016)

* Trying to Believe David Icke (In the Red 15, LJMU/ 2017)



Moonlight Sonata at Midnight (The Fringe Magazine 2017)

Autumn Mum (The Fringe Magazine 2017)

Hidden Picture (Under the Fable Magazine 2017)

Ventriloquist (Love in Doom Magazine 2017)

London Bridge (The Fringe Magazine 2018)

1989 (The Fringe Magazine 2018, Hidden Voices 2019)

Bookish (The Fringe Magazine 2018)

A Bouquet of Thistles (Patchwork Magazine 2018)

Crash Test Dummy (Patchwork Magazine 2019)

Daredevil (LJMU In The Red Magazine 2019)

Sea Wreath (Jabberwocky Green, Wirral 2019)

Cammell Laird (Williamson Art Gallery 2019)  










Reading at Liverpool Central Library 2018